Monday, July 7, 2008

Interview: The New Dungeon Masters (corrected version)

Gamespy: "So will you have all kinds of customized tiles to show the player they have entered a room?"

: "Well that depends on what you mean by 'show the player they have entered a room' I mean if the DM wants the players to enter the room our gametable doesnt know what kind of room it is, or how big or anything, because what if it is a special room or something, like a wooden room or a stone room, or a magical room, the DM has to be able to use the tools without us saying "No you have to use a stone 3x3 room'. I mean if I wanted the players to know that they entered a room I would just type 'you enter the room' that way they know theyve entered the room without us doing 'visual' adjudication.

Gamespy: "so basically you wrote a chat program for DM's because it was the minimum amount of work possible to soak up money"

WotC: "we actually just made an IRC frontend that says D&D... really its all just IRC"

Gamespy: "I really hate you guys, no, no I really mean it you guys suck"

WotC: "We didn't want to force the DM to.."

Gamespy: "You need to stop talking... like now, and give me you dice, your geek license has been revoked... Ass"

You can read the uncorrected version at Gamespy, full of lots of excuses that will lead to eventual disappointment.

(Special thanks to Evan for writing this as a response to a rant of mine over chat.)

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Anonymous said...

Hey CC Tim from JMU here. Long time.

Anyway have you looked at for a virtual table top? I have been playing a once a week Savage Worlds game using that and Skype. Players are in DC, North Carolina, Tennessee, New York and New Zealand. Works fairly well and is fairly cheap.