Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hey the comic about my game that I collaborated on is getting some press!

Mostly what I did was lorecheck and provide the background material. I was the research desk. And the person writing the research books. While making the history.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Hotwired the Clone Wars.

For @missdoomcookie or anyone else that has to be me for a day (thanks @stormsweeper and @webmonkey)

Be Taylor!

Download the printable Taylor[tm] Mask

What to wear: Dress entirely in bright, traffic-cone orange. Head to toe. No exceptions. An orange jumpsuit is preferable.

What to say: Talk loudly in an authoritative tone. Shoot for 150 decibels; use a megaphone if necessary. Bellow declarative statements: "I am Captain Cursor!" "This beer is good. Drink, drink everyone!" "This is the future of Web design."

How to act: Make large, exaggerated movements. Stomp around, like a giant killer robot, rather than walk. Wave arms wildly when running. Make your presence known to everyone at every moment of the day.

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