Friday, September 3, 2010

Liveblogging Hurricane Earl

And by "liveblogging" I mean my Dad will occasionally send me updates.

@ 3:30pm TWC finally cut to their crack meteorologist on Lighthouse BeachChatham who demonstrated that Earl was still 250 miles south because nothing
was happening.

@3:35 Mom'nme drove to the Lighthouse overlook. Hit static traffic jam at
intersection near Chatham Beach'nTennis club. Scanned for terrified
prehurricane turistas. Saw 7 year old tennis player bouncing his racket off
the top of his 4 year old brother's head.

@3:50 decided that traffic wasn't moving because TWC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC,
and COMCASTIC Ch 8 media trucks were blocking the way. Used unsurpassed
knowledge of Old Town back streets and went past Claflin Landing, CBI, Fish
Pier, Scatteree, and Cow yard and saw nada. It was foggy and you can't see a
hurricane through fog, esp when the 'cane is 250 miles away.

@4:10 went to Sheila's house. She wasn't as terrified as we expected. She
was kinda COMCASTIC watching Judge Judy and didn't want to spend storm night
at our house.

@4:15 ran out of things to do and checked the lawn tractor in the backyard.
Found Mom's keys in the mud. Mom was so happy she actually stopped working
on a web page to give me a hug.

@5:00 turned off TWC and turned on ESPN. Started Blog that will make Captain
Cursor a fortune.

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