Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Tax on My Actions

So I don't think I like the combo system in Age of Conan much. It doesn't feel innovative to me, it just feels like a tax, it's an extra chance for me to fail. Which I usually do. I want to tell my avatar to execute the sweep attack, or the knockback attack, and I want them to do it. I don't want to then have to do a "God of War" style combo to make it happen. Even it's it just one extra button, I have to look at the screen and learn the combination, and often it's too late by then.

To me RPGs have always been a tactical game. I tell my avatar what to do, they get it done. I don't want it to be purely advisory, but neither do I want to have to type in the movements of the sword. Just do the goddamn combo attack.

I played some AV with my warlock after messing around with a barbarian character tonight. Even though I'm so bored with the content of WoW at this point, the systemic elements were so much better. I don't think that it was just familiarity either. I'll still be playing through AoC, just to get a real handle on the game. But I don't see many of the innovations as something that will persist. At least not for me.

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Anonymous said...

Its clumsy at first but I'm starting to get used to it. I think they were trying to get away from the auto attacks of other MMO's and make a players own skill level have more of an effect in PVP and PVE. So maybe a dude 4 levels higher won't always in a PVP battle if he is all thumbs. Since PVP adds that urgency level that may make a player lose his finger clicky focus.

I've only gotten a character to level 19 so far so I haven't seen much content. In a nutshell heres what I don't like
- Yet another MMO where everyone of a certain class around the same level is wearing the same thing. I'd like to see some variety in the armours, WoW sucked for this with all high level warriors sporting one of 2 different gear sets. GW has this issue too but at least you can dye your armour different colours.
- The game needs to implement an easier way to find your partymates, right now they only show up on the minimap if you are already very close to them.

Otherwise, besides the initial buggyness and lag I much prefer Conan to any MMO i've played(Other then City of Villains which is fantastic). WoW played smooth and was well built, but the concept behind it killed the fun for me. After reaching level cap the funfactor grinded to a half. Why on earth would a player want to run the same dungeon for 4 hours a night, once a week for MONTHS. 40 man raids were a snoozefest.