Friday, April 18, 2008

The Lost Room

I should be packing. I move on Sunday. I start a new job on Monday. If all parties sign the paper I'll be divorced next week. But instead I'm sitting here reading blogs and drinking homemade Micheladas and watching The Lost Room.

This is one of those shows that I feel would be the basis of a good campaign. A d20 Modern or maybe as the MacGuffin in a regular D&D campaign. It's got that nice "Gotta Catch 'em All" plot device that can let players both act and react. It's got a stable of nice magic items that are numerous enough so that every minor baddie can have something trixie up their sleeve, but rare enough that they are something you may want to fight to the death to posses. It's got all these secret societies and cabals fighting it out and betraying each other. A perfect environment to run a campaign where you can let the players run loose and chart their course towards the end.

Would it work in a fantasy campaign? Does the mundane world give the magical objects their power? Or can these be artifacts? That when combined will power up along with the rapidly increasing power of the PCs. Hmmmm I could integrate this into my first Taliesin campaign for the 4th edition, make it part of the event that destroyed the Eladrin empire. Would changing the items from mundane objects of the modern world to kingly regalia ruin their power? Though enough of the objects can be mundane, and due to the nature of them a kingly crown can have little power, while a shoe horn can have ultimate power.

Ok campaign figured out. Pack a little, last day of old job, pack a lot, move, first day of new job, finalize divorce, then onto new life.

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